Ambassador Kocharian participated in the public gathering dedicated to 40th anniversary of Lebanese Civil War


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On September 28, 2015, upon the initiative of the ARF Central Committee of Lebanon a public gathering dedicated to 40th anniversary of Lebanese Civil War took place in Bourj Hammoud, district of Beirut, mainly populated by Armenians. The gathering was preceded by inauguration of the memorial plaque in the Martyr’s Square of Bourj Hammoud in memory of those who perished for Lebanon and for Armenians.
Ambassador of Armenia to Lebanon Ashot Kocharian read the address of Defense Minister of the Republic of Armenia Seyran Ohanyan, in which it was underlined, that “the Lebanese Armenians, who survived the Genocide, in 1975-1990 during the Lebanese Civil War overcame with dignity another ordeal. Taking a neutral stance they refused to participate in the armed clashes of conflicting sides and heroically confronted the imminent threats jeopardizing the Armenian districts, thus demonstrating courage and endurance. Many Armenians sacrificed their lives for preservation of national structures and institutions”. Paying tribute to all Armenian martyrs of the Civil War, Minister in his address expresses a conviction, that thanks to the tripartite union of Armenia, Artsakh and Diaspora it will be possible to solve all problems and confront all existing challenges.
Afterwards Prelate of Armenian Diocese of Lebanon bishop Shahe Panosian delivered the address of Catholicos Aram I to the attendees.
In his speech representative of ARF Central Committee of Lebanon Hakob Havatian referred to the positive neutral stance of the Lebanese Armenians during Civil War, heroic actions of martyrs and current challenges.
During the event a video on Lebanese Civil War was featured.

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