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On May 29, 2015 ARF Central Committee organized an event dedicated to the Republic Day at the “Hovhannes Poghosian Hall”of Beirut.
Huri Papazian-Emmiyan in her opening remarks emphasized the irreversible value of independence and mentioned that independence for Armenian nation is a manifestation of its will to survive. Harout Lapajian and Arevik Papazian addressed the audience on behalf of the ARF Lebanese Youth Union. They spoke about the difficult path Armenian nation passed through, highly evaluated May 28, which is a luminous school for education of generations living far from their Motherland. Director of “CAHL” institution Sepuh Terzian mentioned that each Armenian should realize his or her national status, identity and national dignity, being committed to national values, language, history, culture and traditions.
Ambassador of Armenia in Lebanon Ashot Kocharian in his speech referred to the history of fight of Armenian nation aimed at its freedom. He mentioned that regardless deprivation from the motherland, the attempts of destruction of ancient culture, crimes perpetrated against Armenians, Armenian people, as a collective nation and state, found strength to return to international political arena and continue their eternal movement ahead. Talking about the events dedicated to Centennial of the Armenian Genocide Ambassador Kocharian stressed the fact of the unity of the Armenian nation, which is a basis and guarantee for future achievements and victories. He mentioned that after 100 years Armenian nation commemorating the innocent victims represents itself to the world as an independent state, with free Artsakh and vibrant Diaspora, which lives for the sake of preservation of its identity and development of Armenia. The ambassador highly appreciated devoted activities of Lebanese Armenians who preserving rich national culture and values, thanks to different projects contributes to the development and strengthening of Armenia and Artsakh.
Member of ARF Central Committee of Lebanon Melik Karaqavorian in his speech highlighted importance of victories and achievements in May, as well as adoption of the Pan-Armenian declaration on the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide.
During the evening pianist Guy Manoukian and freedom fighter, singer Mkrtich Mkrtchian (Makich) performed pieces of Armenian music.

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