Event dedicated to the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide in Lebanon


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On March 20, 2015 a conference on the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide was organized in Beirut thanks to joint efforts of leadership of “Notre Dame” University and the Armenian Genocide Centennial Central body of Lebanon in cooperation with the Embassy of Armenia in Lebanon.
Ministers, parliamentarians, clergymen, leaders of political parties, intelligentsia, journalists and students participated at the conference, live streamed on Lebanese “OTV” TV channel.
In her remarks, Dr. Nata Saat Saper from the “Notre Dame” University mentioned that this year marks 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, and that Turkey continues policy of denial, despite indisputable historical facts and evidences.
Chairperson of the Armenian Genocide Centennial Central Committee of Lebanon Mrs. Seda Khtshyan briefed about history of the Armenian Genocide. She mentioned that this event is organized not only to commemorate the victims, but also to celebrate victory, expression of power and will to life of our people. Summarizing her speech, she noted, that the Armenian people will continue to restore justice and truth, creating and passing down rich history on the world.
Vice-President of the University Souhail Matar reflected on history of the Armenian people and Armenian Genocide, spoke about massacres committed in the Ottoman Empire, as well as the policy pursued by Young Turks, and then by Ataturk. Dr. Matar summarized his speech with the following words, “Let the 100th anniversary open new doors to the Armenian people for peace and justice.”
In his remarks, Ambassador of Armenia to Lebanon Ashot Kocharyan spoke about the rich culture and history of the Armenian people, the people, who while enduring numerous deprivations, sufferings and losses, always was fighting for preservation of language, religion and values. Ambassador thoroughly presented history of cross-stones, that are of great historic value, as well as the facts of ,,cultural genocide,, perpetrated against historic-cultural values of the Armenian people in the Ottoman Empire and in Azerbaijan.
He emphasized the great importance of adoption of the Pan-Armenian Declaration on the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide which was the result of unity and consolidation of the Armenian people. Ambassador highlighted, that the Armenian people, passing through heroic and glorious path of rebirth and liberation, celebrates victory of life over death. While concluding, Ambassador mentioned that the Armenian people will continue their fight for restoration of justice, international recognition, condemnation and elimination of all the consequences of the Genocide.
After the official speeches participants of the conference attended cross-stone (dedicated to the Centennial) erection ceremony in the garden of the University.
Sponsor, initiator of the cross-stone erection, Sargis Budaqyan mentioned that patriotism and loyalty to the Homeland united all the people working on the initiative. He stressed that cross-stone is gratitude expressed by the Armenians to the Lebanese people who received with open arms and extended their helping hand to the Armenian refugees.

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