Art Exhibition by the Yerevan “Bardzr Arvest” Fine Art Center on the occasion of Haigazian University 60th Anniversary


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On the occasion of its 60th Anniversary, under the high patronage of the Armenian Embassy in Lebanon, and in collaboration with the Makhzoumi Foundation, Haigazian University presented the “BardzrArvest” Fine Art Center from Yerevan, Armenia in an exhibition entitled “East to West, Modern to Postmodern”, on March 19, 2015, at the Haigazian University Art Center, the Matossian Gallery.
The audience included the Armenian Ambassador to Lebanon, H.E. Mr. Ashot Kocharian, founder of the Makhzoumi Foundation, Mr. Fouad Makhzoumi, government officials, religious leaders, political party representatives, Lebanese and Armenian community leaders, media and art lovers.
The event started with a welcome by University President, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian, who thanked the contributors of this event; Bardzr Arvest Fine Art Center of Yerevan for graciously showcasing their rich collection, the Armenian Embassy for its patronage, and Haigazian’s cooperation with the Makhzoumi Foundation and the personal presence of Mr. Fouad Makhzoumi. Striking on the note of quality at Haigazian’s 60th Anniversary, Haidostian said, “with Lebanon known for its high appreciation for beauty; and with Armenia generously endowed with cultural creativity, no wonder that as HU hosts the best of Armenian art and presents it to the Lebanese community…the more we pay attention to genuine beauty, the higher our spirits go.”
In his congratulatory remarks, Ambassador Kocharian, stressed on the rich historic and cultural heritage of the Armenian nation, sharing his pride of the “Armenian vibrant community of Lebanon who survived genocide, and very soon created a lively and dynamic community with its diverse infrastructures, and preserved its Armenian language.” After praising the invaluable efforts of the leadership of the University in making this event a real success, Kocharian acknowledged the vital role of Haigazian University in promoting dialogue, harmony, professionalism, interconnectedness of people, as well as a refined taste.
Mr. Fouad Makhzoumi, started his speech by congratulating Haigazian University for its 60th Anniversary, and considered its student body the 21st century generation of Lebanon. Makhzoumi stressed on the pivotal role the civil society, educational institutions, and business leaders should play in widening the scope of opportunities of the youth, through investments and global economic experiences.
The Director of the Modern Art Museum of Armenia, Mrs. Noune Avetissian, briefed on the most valuable pieces of the exhibition. She also pointed out that that the “BardzrArvest” Fine Art Center was nominated as the Best Gallery of Art Monaco 2014. She said that on the occasion of the Centennial of the Armenian genocide, the “BardzrArvest” Fine Art Center is touring the world to show some of the best artwork that Armenia has to offer. The tour is starting in Lebanon, due to the importance of the Armenian Diaspora in Beirut and the unique occasion of Haigazian’s 60th Anniversary. The exhibition includes 64 artworks of Armenian and Diaspora Armenian artists, covering a period of 3 centuries, from the 19thtill the 21st century.

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