Event dedicated to the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide held in Beirut


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On March 13, Embassy of Armenia in Lebanon organized gratitude evening, dedicated to the Centennial of Armenian Genocide.

Minister of Diaspora of Armenia Hranush Hakobyan, Ministers of Energy, Education and Higher Education, Agriculture of Lebanon, Ambassador of Armenia to Lebanon Ashot Qocharian, religious leaders, parliamentarians, politicians and public figures, about two dozen ambassadors and journalists participated at the event.

In his welcoming remarks, Ambassador Qocharian mentioned that the aim of numerous events, dedicated to the Centennial, held around the globe, is to inform wide range of the international community and make demands of the Armenian people heard. Ambassador expressed gratitude to the Parliament of Lebanon, all the states and international organizations that recognized the Genocide.

He stressed that commemoration events are held in four directions, namely, “memory”, “gratitude”, “international fight” and “rebirth”. Ashot Qocharian attached importance to the Panarmenian Declaration adopted at the session of the State Commission on Coordination of the events for the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, which is the result of unity and solidarity of the Armenian people. He highlighted that the Armenian people, walking heroic and glorious path of rebirth and liberation, celebrates victory of life over death. Vice-Chairman of the Lebanese Centenary Central body Shahan Kandaharian delivered a speech and reflecting on Turkey’s denial policy he mentioned that the international community should make just assessment of the committed crime. Shahan Kandaharian summarized that once the Genocide committed 100 years ago is recognized, the world will not witness new acts of genocide again.

Member of the Lebanese Parliament, representative of the Prime-Minister and Speaker of the Parliament Ghassan E. Moukheiber, touching upon deprivations and sufferings of the Armenian and Lebanese peoples in the Ottoman Empire, mentioned, “We all are Armenians”. He spoke with pride about the Lebanese Armenian community, whom the Lebanese people treat with special attitude and respect. Moukheiber called upon international community to unite to prevent probable acts of genocide in the future.

At the end of the evening, Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan addressed the attendees, stressing that the Armenian people always would be grateful to the Arab world, particularly, to the Lebanese people for invaluable support, owing to which fragment of the Armenian people found shelter and haven, settled down, integrated and actively are engaged in the political, socio-economic and cultural life. Quoting the speech of the President of Armenia at the UN General Assembly, Minister expressed gratitude to the states, international, religious and non-governmental organizations that recognized and condemned heinous crime against humanity committed, i.e. Armenian Genocide. Reflecting on Turkey’s denial policy, Hranush Hakobyan noted that today Turkey spares no effort to distort, deny and fabricate the reality. She stated with confidence, that one day Turkey will recognize the Armenian Genocide also because individuals of Turkish society started studying their real history, and Armenians of Diaspora, spread all over the world, will not keep silence and will demand restoration of nationwide rights. Minister Hakobyan presented main principles of the Panarmenian Declaration that are in line with the slogan of the 100th Anniversary, i.e. “I remember and demand”. 


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