A traditional National Armenian Evening “Dohmig Yerego” in Anjar


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A traditional National Armenian Evening “Dohmig Yerego”

Under the auspices of the Armenian ambassador in Lebanon Mr. Ashod Kocharian,     a traditional National Armenian Evening “Dohmig Yerego” was organized by the 3 women’s associations, and in collaboration with the Jubilee board.

 After the ambassador and his first secretary were welcomed by the official members of the village, they were accompanied to have a glimpse at the Armenian fair near the “S. Zeitlian” Center.

Miss. Tsoghig Havatian said the opening words on behalf of the organizing committee and welcomed the ambassador and his first secretary, the mayor of Anjar, Dr. Vazken Derkalousdian, the Rev fathers and the huge number of attendants.

 The ARF Garmir Ler Committee Chairman, Mr. Hagop Aintablian, welcomed the attendants especially all the Mousa Daghians from all over the world who have gathered in Anjar for this special occasion.

The Ambassador expressed his feelings of delight to be present at this celebration and said that Anjar has reached to what it is today, a village representing the traditions and the culture of the Armenian people, with the hard work of its people. Later the ambassador and the Mayor of Anjar exchanged symbolic gifts.

Mr. Raffi Kevorkian and Mrs. Nanor Panossian Bedrosian conducted the feast to invite different participants to perform on the stage,  Sevan Metlian with Armenian and Anjarian songs, Raffi Taslakian and Kevork Manougian on the guitar and Armenian “Doudog”, Raffi Shannakian on the “Kamancha”, The Gakavig dance group with two presentations, and the traditional Daoul Zourna.

The "S. Zetlian" Center was crowded with more than 1000 attendants in this special occasion, who danced and enjoyed the impressive presentations, while the women’s associations provided them with traditional Anjarian food, desserts and beverages.


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